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Biophotons Report Biophotons Report
by Dr Marco Bischof
A comprehensive report on biophotons, the light and consciousness of our cells by Dr Marco Bischof, from his original German textbook, which sold over 30,000 copies in Germany. He kindly provided an English translation of chapter 1 which is more revealing and informative than any book available today on the topic. Biophotons are briefly explained in Valone's book, Bioelectromagnetic Healing, as providing a communication method within the human body between DNA, traveling at the speed of light (faster than neuron transmission) and modulated with information.

#425 ... 86 pages   $15
Pulsed - Electromagnetic Field Health Effects Pulsed - Electromagnetic Field Health Effects

Report containing all the scientific data regarding pulsed electromagnetic field health effects, including papers on PEMF effects on tissue trauma, Electrical treatment of severe head and neck pain, magnetic field bioeffects, medicinal EMFs and more

Includes: "Effects of PEMF on Tissue Trauma” by Jorgensen, MD - “Electrical Treatment of Severe Head and Neck Cancer Pain” Wm. Bauer, MD -“Magnetic Field Bioeffects - Synopsis of Peer-Reviewed Studies” A. Pilla, PhD - Pulsed EMF Effect Article Abstracts selected from Bioelectromagnetics Journal -“Glen Gordon, MD Speaks on Pulsed EM Healing Developments” S. Allan - NASA Study on Efficacy of EMFs to Stimulate Growth and Repair of Tissues -“A High-Voltage Fight Against Cancer” Guizzo -“Medicinal EMFs” Janet Raloff - SOTA Instrument PEMF device information sheet

418   $15
Use of Electricity for Face and Scalp Use of Electricity for Face and Scalp
Emily Lloyd

Book with complete protocols and directions for use of Electrotherapy devices on the face and scalp, including the Violet Wand. Dozens of pictures, illustrations and advice for users. Originally published in 1924
120 pages

#419 $20

Biophysical Experiments on Radiation of Matte
Biophysical Experiments on Radiation of Matter, Divining Rods, Electric Waves
Dr. Paul Dobler

Translated from the original German by IRI, this unique report is by a German physicist from 1939 proving there are measurable effects from water.

This is the last of three booklets on the radiation from underground watercourses, which caused an uproar in the physics community. Dr. Dobler states, "I wrote this booklet, which contains results of years' worth of research in the uncommonly difficult area between physics and biology." Includes proof of the presence of the radiation, details of the radiodynamometer he designed, along with diagrams of the radiation, reflection and interferometer.

#409 45 pages $10
Origin of Life Origin of Life - Experiments of Andrija Puharich, MD

In the 1980's he documented the transmutation of elements and the creation of amino acids from basic electrolytes. Japanese scientists are working to replicate his experiments.
Also see our CD version, IRI #422

30 pages

#402 $6


Holistic Physics and Consciousness Holistic Physics and Consciousness & Introduction to Meditation

Scientific Essay on the study of apparent opposites, Physics and Consciousness, followed with an introduction to Meditation, accompanied with scientific findings on the health benefits of meditation
37 pages

#401 $6
Elecromagnetic Control of Cell Function DVD Elecromagnetic Control of Cell Function DVD
by Dr. Glen Gordon

Scholarly presentation on the functioning of our cells.

#426 $25
Nikola Tesla and the Development of RF Power Electromagnetism, The force that affects our daily Lives, DVD

with Dr Glen Gordon

#441 $15