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Welcome to Integrity Research Institute

Integrity Research Institute (IRI) is a non-profit corporation dedicated to conscientiously educating the public on new green energy technologies and to help establish research integrity in all of the energy sciences.

Our Mission

Integrity Research Institute is committed to the revitalizing work of securing our future by investigating, documenting and hosting conferences on emerging energy technology that is  eco-sustaining, breakthroughs in new forms of propulsion and revitalizing discoveries in bioenergetics. Your tax-deductible assistance is invited.

Public: See the most compelling evidence of the climate change urgency in the CO2 and Climate Beast Graph (pdf) courtesy of Dr. Jim Hansen from NASA and the condensed IRI Climate Chart which explains it (Note: CO2 levels continue to rise further since this graph was drawn).

Latest data for atmospheric CO2

Press: Take a look at our Interviews, Reports and Lecture links page

Students: Inquiries welcome! As a former community college professor, Dr. Valone and IRI are vitally interested in helping all students with suggested academic majors and thesis topics, as well as free book "care packages" and as an "invited speaker".

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