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Dedicated to advocacy & support of qualified, advanced energy inventions.

The Future Energy Program at Integrity Research Institute implements Inventor Advocacy toward the development of viable, fuelless energy inventions. The program includes business plan development, patent preparation and strategy, and investor networking. Download the Valone "FUTURE ENERGY slideshow" (PDF) presented at the Nexus Youth Summit at the UN for an overview of our work in this program area. The sample projects in this program at this time are listed below (subject to change and updates).

  • 1) Innowattech Advocacy Project
  • 2) Tesla's Wireless Energy Transmission
  • 3) Spiral Magnetic Motor Project
  • 4) Focus Fusion
  • 5) Diode Energy Array Converter (DEAC)
  • Innowattech

    1) The purpose of the Innowattech Advocacy Project is to bring to the US the amazing achievement of the Innowattech firm in Israel. It's technology harvests an unprecedented 500 kW of electricity per kilometer of highway and will also work on train tracks. The photo shows the Innowattech Piezo Electric Generator (IPEG) ready for installation under train tracks to work 24 hours generating electricity, dependent only on the amount of traffic on the tracks or highway, to generate the downward pressure that converts to electrical impulses. This is perhaps the most robust energy harvesting system available today on the market but it needs a boost of investment help to reach the Western hemisphere. Visit Innowattech online for more information, test results, reports and pictures.

    Wireless Energy transmission Wireless energy - Nick Simos

    2) The second IRI project - 2) The second IRI project is the Wireless Transmission of Electrical Energy developed by Nikola Tesla in 1903 on Long Island and was called "Wardenclyffe". Interest in the validity of Tesla's physics has grown. In 2013, Dr. Nick Simos from Brookhaven National Labs gratiously presented his slideshow on the electromagnetic proof of Tesla's basic resonant transmission of energy through the earth-ionosphere cavity. See our webpage for the Flash video of his presentation and a link to all of his slides posted online. The book by Thomas Valone, Harnessing the Wheelwork of Nature: Tesla's Science of Energy is also a great resource for understanding the science behind this amazing 95% efficient transmission of energy worldwide, which can be accessed and used locally with a resonant receiver, as explained by Dr. Simos at COFE6 and COFE7.

    Spiral Magnetic Motor

    3) The third project is the Spiral Magnetic Motor Project. Updating the Japanese "Permanent-Magnet Prime Mover" patents of the Kure Tekkosho company (e.g., Patent JP55144783), the Spiral Magnetic Motor is an interesting example of utilizing the magnetic gradient (see #1) in the circular path. The recent Sprain patent also utilizes this spiral magnet design. Another division of this project area is the testing of a crucial segment the Brady magnetic motor seen on the Perendev Power Developments Pty (Ltd) website, whose assertion that they have achieved the milestone of producing "the world's first fuelless magnetic engine" was also the subject of Future Energy eNews, September 8, 2004. Recently updated with a double "V-Track" design and a peer-reviewed published journal paper in PDF form by Dr. Valone on the "Proposed Permanent Magnetic Spiral Motor for Magnetic Gradient Utilization" in the Proceedings of SPESIF 2010.


    4) The fourth project is Proton-Boron (p-B11) fusion, also called Dense Plasma Focus Fusion . It has been extensively researched by Dr. George Miley, Professor, U of Illinois Fusion Lab, who also was a speaker at COFE2, sponsored by IRI, with his DVD available on our Order Page. Dense plasma focus fusion is known to be FOUR times as powerful as any other form of fusion known today (see Business Plan appendix). The cover story of Future Energy (2003) magazine/newsletter, this robust, hot fusion project is scheduled to break-even soon. The Plasma Focus Fusion website announces "Simulation Results Confirm Focus Fusion Can Produce Net Energy" (Feb., 2004) and the suppression that this invention has suffered because of its direct competition, the unproductive dinosaur called the "Tokamak." Eric Lerner's Focus Fusion prototype, tested at the University of Texas, has achieved a billion degrees, satisfying their NASA nuclear propulsion grant criteria. See Business Plan for this very promising, medium risk, high energy project.

    Diode Array

    5) Fifth on our list is the thermal and nonthermal energy rectification using tunnel diodes or backward tunnel diodes. Prof. Dagenais from the U of Maryland amplifies ambient thermal energy harvested with nanoantennas at UMD. A peer-reviewed published paper (PDF) was published by Dr. Valone (SPESIF, 2009) entitled, "Proposed Use of Zero Bias Diodes as Thermal Electric Noise Rectifiers and Non-Thermal Energy Converters". There is also a wonderful slideshow (PDF) on Diode Energy Array Converters by Thomas Valone explaining the basic principles online. Zero-bias diodes are diodes that need no minimum energy to conduct so they are as good as backward tunnel diodes to convert ambient thermal oscillations of electrons into useful electricity. More information is also contained in the book by Dr. Valone, Zero Point Energy: the Fuel of the Future

    IRI is currently fund-raising for these programs with an exclusive arrangement with each of the inventors. Your tax-deductible contributions can be earmarked for any of these projects. Only qualified inquiries about the above projects will be entertained. We invite the general public to become members of IRI to receive updates on these and other energy inventions.

    Other Future Energy Resource Materials

    Nuclear waste treatment that works: Laser-Driven Photo-Transmutation of Nuclear Waste journal article from J. Phys. D, 2003

    The Future Energy position paper (1999) summarizes the advanced energy inventions presented at COFE.

    A Review of the Conference on Future Energy (COFE) is available online.

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